Reinforcing with our kids the values of generosity, compassion and gratitude.

Together...we are ONE.

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We thank the following schools for launching this incredible program 
along with us. 
Founding Members:         
          Middle Country 
​          Miller Place
          Mount Sinai
          Port Jefferson

(May we add your school here?) 

       Almost Home
       Big Brothers/BigSisters 
       Project Headstart
       Lighthouse Mission
       River of Life 
       Salvation Army
       J T Mather Thrift Shop
       CI Council (CBO)
And we thank the following organizations for all they do for those folks experiencing setbacks.
Students from Pulaski St School take pride in helping
With LF founder, Virginia Armstrong, Pulaski 6th grade teacher Joanne Armstrong, and Pulaski Principal Dave Densieski.
One bag helps a grateful neighbor.

Student Government leaders from Scraggy Hill School in Port Jeff
 Participating Schools:

Andrew Muller Primary School
Port Jefferson Elementary School
Stage Coach Elementary
Sagamore Middle School
Pulaski Street School
Mount Sinai High School
Mount Sinai Middle School
Mount Sinai Elementary School
Phillips Avenue School
Riverhead Middle School
Andrew Muller Primary School
Santapogue School
Selden Middle School
Stage Coach Elementary

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