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It is not too late to help the Maasai! You may donate above with either PayPal or credit card. Here's what YOU can do to help this emerging village where children walk hours to go to school- if they are fortunate enough to have their parents' permission, can be spared from household duties, have a school uniform and can pay school fees. 
QUESTIONS???   CALL OR TEXT 631-835-1520 
A  HUGE THANK YOU to all who helped make Chief Joseph and John ole Parsitau's 2017 visit a record-breaking success! We raised over $5000 for the village and are sponsoring many girls in boarding school to protect them from FGM and early marriage.

A very special, heartfelt thanks to our friends
Port Jefferson Village Center      
Mayor Margot Garant
Port Jefferson Library                    
The House of Judah
St. Joseph’s College                    
ADELPHI Alumni House
Hempstead Af/Am Museum        
Mount Sinai Schools

And to the saviors of the young girls whose lives have been changed forever!
If Kenya were your home instead of 
The United States you would...

  • die 16.04 years sooner
  • be 5.5 times more likely to be unemployed
  • be 6.6 times more likely to die in infancy
  • be 10.2 times more likely to have HIV/AIDS
  • make 96.59% less money
  • spend 99.5% less money on health care
  • use 98.88% less electricity
  • consume 96.95% less oil
  • be 82.95% less likely to be in prison
  • be 73.68% more likely to be murdered
  • experience 5.56% less of a class divide
  • have 2.1 times more babies
Pictures above are from Chief Joseph ole Tipanko's annual Cultural Exchange Program in the US. 

The Chief is the appointed head of over 5,000 Maasai tribal members in Kenya and is an ambassador for safety, health and education for the under-privileged in Maasailand.
of Chief Joseph's work and community.

The draught continues. Hunger is still prevalent. We need to construct a well for clean water. And there are always more girls needing help to excape a deeply ingrained tradition of early marriage as an anecdote to family poverty.

You may use the donate button ABOVE if you wish to help financially. Once directed to Paypal you may designate how your would like your funds to be directed.
Your donation is much needed and very much appreciated!
I Wish You Peace
Written, sung, and produced by Laurene Hope
You may send a Gift of food or education to a Maasai youngster. Click the donate button to use paypal or credit/debit card. 

In the line which says "Add special instructions to the seller" you may direct your donation to any of the suggested gifts to the left if you wish. 

Otherwise, we will put your gift to the best use in helping these children become safe, healthy, and productive citizens of the world community. 

Asante Sana; Thank you very much!

​$50 Buy a student desk (shared by 2 students) 

$50 Buy a 50 lb bag of rice or corn for a hungry orphaned or single parent Maasai family. 

$100 Purchase two pairs of uniforms plus school supplies to provide a student a full year of schooling. 

$100 Buy a class set of books for our elementary students for 1 year; Text, exercise books, mathematical set, pens, pencils and erasers (30 books)

​$350 - $500 Pays tuition, medical, examination and educational trip fees for a rescued girl to escape early marriage and violence. Instead, you will sustain her in boarding school for a full year's study: Elementary school $350. - High School $500 This can be paid in three installments.
Most get up very early for their long walk to school, study all day and make the long trek home with only some milk for breakfast. It is hard for them to concentrate after the physical exertion and long day with no lunch. Help us provide a simple hot lunch in the schools for these children.