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A very special, heartfelt thanks to our friends

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Mayor Margot Garant
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The House of Judah
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And to the saviors of the young girls whose lives have been changed forever!
If Kenya were your home instead of 
The United States you would...

  • die 16.04 years sooner
  • be 5.5 times more likely to be unemployed
  • be 6.6 times more likely to die in infancy
  • be 10.2 times more likely to have HIV/AIDS
  • make 96.59% less money
  • spend 99.5% less money on health care
  • use 98.88% less electricity
  • consume 96.95% less oil
  • be 82.95% less likely to be in prison
  • be 73.68% more likely to be murdered
  • experience 5.56% less of a class divide
  • have 2.1 times more babies
The Chief is the appointed head of over 5,000 Maasai tribal members in Kenya and is an ambassador for safety, health and education for the under-privileged in Maasailand..
Annual Report:

The funds we raised last year were used to support education and water projects:

  • 11 at-risk girls graduated from high school. Some of them have qualified to join University, while others will join Technical Colleges. All are safe and looking forward to healthy, successful futures.
  • 12 girls are being supported in high school currently, and 8 are being sponsored in elementary school.
  • School hot lunch program, school uniforms, and books were provided for 28 pre-school kids through out this year.
  • Phase One of a community well at Kimuka village has been completed. The funding for a diesel generator is close to accomplished, and we will next be raising funds for a 50M cubic water tank to store and distribute the water. 
ASANTE SANA, Rafikis! 
Most school children get up very early for their long walk to school, study all day and make the long trek home with only some milk for breakfast. It is hard for them to concentrate after the physical exertion and long day with no lunch. 
​Chief Joseph ole Tipanko, John Kiyeni ole Parsitau and Cicilia Seleyian will be making their annual US Cultural Education Tour this Fall and will appear on Long Island SEPT. 29- OCT. 7, 2019

  • We are booking schools, libraries, museums, churches and even private parties for fun and informative  interactive presentations that include Maasai history and culture, 21st century challenges, Daily life, Song, dance and art
Ask your neighbors; the Chief has been establishing strong relationships in Nassau and Suffolk Counties for the last 6 year.
Many referrals are available from local teachers and administrators.
Please email us your booking request or 
questions here. We'll get right back to you!
Hand-crafted Maasai Jewelry and African arts and crafts are available at our events.
Contact Us
Contact Us
​All programs are temporarily halted due to Covid. Please email us for ways you can help the Maasai through these difficult days and check back once travel resumes. Thank you. Asante sana!