Did you know that the Suffolk County Department of Social Services currently serves more than 4,700 families who receive Temporary Assistance, more than 2,000 school-age children through Child Protective Services, and approximately 500 school-age foster children?* And did you know that YOUR DISTRICT CAN HELP address this unfortunate situation WITH VERY LITTLE EFFORT but SUBSTANTIAL RECOGNITION AND RESULTS?

*SC Dept.of Social Services 2013
Can we count on the support of your District in our 
Lost & Found Pickup to benefit the homeless and needy population of Suffolk County?

Leaving Footprints of Suffolk County with the Suffolk County Department of Social Services (DSS) have picked up unclaimed Lost & Found items from local schools since December, 2013. 

The clothing and assorted school items are redirected to our homeless and needy neighbors right here in Suffolk County, filling a tremendous need while providing a timely service to participating schools.

All we ask is that you have your unclaimed Lost & Found contents bagged and ready for pickup in December, and again at the end of the school year in June. As of September, 2015, we have added a Back-to-school collection. Of course, Community Service Opportunities for your students are also available, should you wish.  

Hopefully this system will be helpful to you at extremely busy times of the year while providing Suffolk County Dept. of Social Services and other charitable organizations with a steady, ongoing supply of gently-used items for our homeless and needy populations. 

To be included in our next pickup, please fill out our on-line signup form. We will include the names of all participating schools on our website and in our Press Releases.

If you believe in the value of this program, kindly share this information with superintendents and building principals whom you think would be interested. Thank you so much for your future participation.

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